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Jen with Bart Starr and Jerry Kramer

Jen with Bart Starr and Jerry Kramer while filming the ESPN documentary With Love and Respect the Story of Lombardi's Green Bay Packers produced by Jennifer Smith , Jerry Kramer and Stuart Benjamin.

Jen with Michael Irvin

Jennifer Smith &  Michael Irvin going over notes for a presentation they co hosted for Mile Ditka's Gridiron Greats.


Jen with John Elway

Jen with John Elway in Las Vegas on the set of the NHL series she hosted for three seasons, NHL Cool Shots seen on ESPN and Fox.


Jen on set of CBS Radio

Jen on Radio Row, at the Super Bowl on the set of CBS Radio with Tikki Barber and Sean Salisbury.

Jen with Reggie White

Jen with Reggie White and Vince Lombardi's grandson John Lombardi at a kick-off press event.


Jen of the set of Casualties of The Gridiron

Jen shooting a sequence at Eternity Medicine Institute NJ with former NFK player Brent Boyd and the Eternity Medical team.



Jen with the Stanley Cup

Lord Stanley's Cup in Jen hotel room in Detroit during a shoot of NHL Cool Shots.


Jen with Slap Shot Guys

Jen with the Slap Shot, Johnstown Chiefs on the set of a TV shoot.

Jen with Ed Belfour

Jen with Ed Belfour at an NHL Cool Shots filming in Dallas.

Jen at Desk

Jen is hard at work during filming in of the Emmy nominated documentary series Casualties of the Gridiron.