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YOUTHQUAKE was must see, hit Saturday morning TV for teens in the early 1990’s, airing on USA Network for three seasons. The show also aired in 26 countries via Super Channel Europe and international syndication through Group W television. As well, two primetime YOUTHQUAKE specials were produced and aired on the USA Network and six YOUTHQUAKE specials aired across the country in syndication.

This cutting edge, critically acclaimed, Ace Award winning TV series took teens by storm around the world and was an early innovator in interactive youth content. YOUTHQUAKE, a lifestyle magazine series, empowered teens to share everything important to them focusing on it all from pop culture, music and the lifestyles of teens to informative, raw and hard-hitting looks at issues effecting them such as AIDS, drug abuse, teen violence, politics and much more.
YOUTHQUAKE became a weekly forum for teens to share their thoughts, fears, feelings, attitudes, tastes and styles. The kids featured in each episode had not been scripted or styled and most had never been in front of a camera. The words heard were their own, the clothes worn were their own and most importantly, the ideas they expressed were uniquely theirs. YOUTHQUAKE provided an honest look at the real life and real opinions of real teens.
YOUTHQUAKE was immensely popular, had a massive following and even had its own unique fan club.The key to the show’s popularity with its target demographic was its ability to empower teens to express themselves on a wide range of cultural and social topics bringing together the worlds’ youth to explore their differences and similarities.
YOUTHQUAKE became one of the first television shows to feature the one thing which interested teens the most, themselves. The show was about teens and for teens but more importantly, produced by teens, with the young viewers determining the content of the program featured on the show and often times participating in editing and post production decisions.​
YOUTHQUAKE truly belonged to the world wide teen audience as they determined much of what was shot and aired. Select location shoots became promotions resulting in the show becoming much more than just a TV program, providing an opportunity for interactivity with viewers and even becoming a unique promotional platform for sponsors that went far beyond traditional advertising models.
52 original half hour shows a year were produced in a reality /magazine format shot entirely on location across the globe. The YOUTHQUAKE crew traveled the highways and byways of America on the YOUTHQUAKE tour bus and jetted across the globe to gather the shows content featuring young people in every locale. On location shooting was combined with special events and promotions that drew thousands of teens at each stop.
YOUTHQUAKE also teamed up with popular music acts and entertainers hitting the road with promotions featuring them with the YOUTHQUAKE viewing audience, conducting meet and greet events and creating special content for the show.
Popular weekly show segments included Road Report, Top Volume, Quake Debate, Viewer Mail, What’s on Your Mind and others. Some segments included celebrities popular with the teen audience tying them into social issues that were effecting youth.​
YOUTHQUAKE was an extremely popular platform with major brand advertisers. The interactive format and on location production, combined with unique promotions went far beyond traditional advertising providing unique activation opportunities.
YOUTHQUAKE also had significant and very successful ongoing cross promotional relationships with radio stations, music artists, entertainers, TV shows, amusement parks, movie theaters, film companies concert venues and more providing them with an effective way to promote their assets while creating exciting experiences and content for viewers.